Lightspeed 3D Documentation

Documentation is still very sparse at this point, as the library is still very much under development. More documentation is planned, provided there is demand; so be sure to let me know you're using Lightspeed 3D and how I can help you.

Getting Started

Here's a brief overview of the steps you must do to get a 3D scene up and running.

1. Standard MacOS initialization.

2. Make a Scene.

3. Render.

That's all there is to it! For animation, you just do the third step (i.e. render) in a tight loop: update your objects/camera, render, and repeat.

Lightspeed 3D just does rendering; you'll have to manage your own triangle/camera positions, collision checks, etc. Those things vary widely from application to application anyway. However, ask me about the Lightspeed Game Engine, a higher-level library which does housekeeping common to many types of 3D games.
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