How to Help with Magdef

Magdef is an open-source, public-domain project. Nobody's getting paid for the work, but we will all benefit from greater quality and quantity of Mac games. If you'd like to help, here's how you can pitch in.

Join the Magdef mailing list.

Send email to with "subscribe magdef" in the body of the message to join our mailing list. Here you'll get all the latest announcements of improvements to the library, as well as discussion about its design, usage, and applications.

Code demos.

We're currently working on a handful of demos, but we'll need more. The library is currently in a rapidly-changing state, which means that you may find it lacking some features you need for your demo -- in which case, let us know (via the mailing list) and we'll try to add what you need.

Suggest improvements.

As you examine the library, you may find some functions missing or difficult to use, and you may even find a bug or two. Be sure to point these out -- if you're not on the mailing list, at least send them to me.
Last Updated: 7/07/98 . . . . . .