3D Tools

3D Modeling Apps


Meshwork is a modeling app under development by Joe Strout (i.e., yours truly). It's not quite ready for production use but it's being designed with game development in mind, so it will always produce output suitable for use with M3D.

DesignWorkshop Lite

This is a freeware modeling program by Artifice. It seems to be mainly intended for architecture. A commercial version is also available.

Vision 3D

Vision 3D is a shareware polygon-based modeler for all Macs by Paul Bourke, who has a lot of other great tools and information pages worth exploring.
3DMF Tools

3DMF Mapper

This is a simple-but-cool utility for adjusting the texture map of a QuickDraw 3D model, on a vertex-by-vertex basis. Free (at least for now), but won't work on most 3DMF files that haven't been run through 3DMF Optimizer. By Pangea Software.

3DMF Optimizer

This $50 product from Pangea Software optimizes your 3DMF model, to make it load and render more quickly. A bit pricey, IMHO, but you may need it until we write an open-source tool that does the same thing...


This is a very nice freeware utility which lets you fly the camera around a 3DMF model -- and perhaps more importantly, it can also be used to convert from binary 3DMF to text (or vice versa).

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