Graphite Feedback Analysis

To reduce the risk of implementing the wrong or insufficient functionality, we solicited feedback from potential users. A number of responses were received. Below, we summarize and analyze this feedback with regard to our product requirements.


We began by posting a preliminary list of product requirements, as well as a design overview and class diagram. A message was sent to several relevant forums (the Python plot-SIG mailing list, the comp.lang.python newsgroup, and a collection of individuals who had shown previous interest), inviting feedback on these documents. About a dozen replies were received by the time of this writing.

Both the message soliciting feedback and excepts from the responses are available in Feedback Quotes.

Summary & Analysis

The responses received ranged from positive to enthusiastic in tone. Features in our requirements which were specifically mentioned as valuable to the respondents included the following: As we had already planned to implement these features, they require little discussion at this point.

Some users also requested features not on our list. Many of these fit well into the current design and have been incorporated into our product requirements:

Other suggested features are excellent ideas, but may a bit too much for the initial version of Graphite.

Several other items of interest were gleaned from the responses. Respondents noted previous use of MATLAB and Gnuplot. Specific suggested applications of Graphite included on-the-fly jpeg plots for web servers, and data visualization in an anaesthesia control system. Several users also commented on the similarity between Graphite and another package in development called Snow (by David Ascher). The chief difference is that Snow handles only two-dimensional plots.
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