Python Universe Builder

Standard Library Summary


Thing base class for everything you see in the game
Container base class of any Thing that can contain others
Room a Container which can contain Actors; any location
Exit connects one Room to another
Actor a Container which can execute commands
Player an Actor connected to the keyboard & monitor
Monitor an Actor which echoes anything it hears to the screen (for debugging)
Effector a Thing which can be Activated and Deactivated
Timer an Effector which automatically Deactivates after a delay
Garment an Effector which is worn and removed
Liquid a Thing which can only be kept in certain containers
Countable a Thing with an integer quantity (e.g., "4 chips")
NPC an Actor with simple reflexive responses


Verb base class for all verbs
Transitive Verb which requires a Thing as a direct object
Social a verb with only cosmetic effect (smile, nod, etc.)
Use call a Thing's Use(byWhom) method, if any
DefVerb Transitive verb executed when no verb is given
Inventory give list of what the Actor's carrying
Get get a local Thing
Drop drop an object (put it in the room)
Follow follow another Actor when it moves
On Activate an Effector
Off Deactivate an Effector
Look examine the room or some other Thing
Put put a Thing into a Container
Give give something to another Actor
Quit set pub.gameStatus = QUIT
Wait do nothing for a while
Say speak the rest of the command
DbgExamine view all attributes (use with, e.g.: @ex rock)
DbgContents view item contents (use with, e.g.: @contents here)
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