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Python Universe Builder


The Python Universe Builder (aka PUB) is a set of Python modules for writing text-based adventure games or interacti ve fiction.


Many of these features are simply the features of Python itself, which is one of the best languages I've ever seen (and definitely the best interpreted language I've ever seen). In addition, the PUB modules offer some innovative features not found in other interactive-fiction builders:

Download PUB

PUB currently consists of seven source files: And two optional files (for making a network game):

The files were last modified 6/01/99 , with several updates to work correctly under Python 1.5.2.

Simply download each one and put them somewhere in your Python path. Then launch python with pubdemo.py (e.g., type python pubdemo.py or if you're on a Mac, drag pubdemo.py onto the Python application).

Or, if you'd rather, you can get pub.tar.gz, a complete copy of the PUB files and documentation packed with tar and gzip. Filenames are kept short enough to work on even the most primitive file systems.

Note: PUB files are all written with a standard Mac text editor, in which tabs are equal to four spaces. If your editor can only use eight-space tabs, you may be interested in tabfix.py.

How should I start?

First, look at some games written with PUB. Depending on your system, you may need to first get and install Python (which is free), or you may be able to get stand-alone executables.

Next, read the documentation, which includes a simple tutorial. This will lead you through the process of creating a very simple interactive-fiction game from scratch.

Then browse the library reference. This shows you all the great object classes that have already been defined, so all you have to do is drop them in your game and give them names and descriptions.

Finally, go back to the games you've played a bit, and examine their code. Now that you've gotten the general idea, you should be able to understand what makes these games do what they do, and you're ready to start designing your own.

Last Modified: 6/01/99 . . . . . . Joe Strout . . . joe@strout.net