Python Universe Builder

What's New

Updated for Python 1.5.2

June 1, 1999
It's been a while, but thanks to an interested user, I've dusted off PUB and updated it to work with the latest Python (1.5.2). Have fun, and let me know if you need anything else!

Save and Restore Implemented

August 27, 1996
After a little prodding from Andrew, I've finally implemented save and restore! This is a very useful feature which has been sorely needed. In addition to its utility for backups, developers can also use this feature to distribute their games without (much) source code. Just save at the starting point, then distribute the pub.dat file with a simple main program like this.

NOTE: This update required moving the "player" variable from the pubobjs module to, where it really belonged all along. All references to pubobjs.player should be changed to pub.player. In addition, a slight change to the main event loop is needed -- see the last few lines of

Bug Fixes to Network Module

August 5, 1996
Thanks mostly to Andrew Kuchling, several bugs have been fixed in the network support module ( and its demo (

Network (MUD) Support Added

August 1, 1996
With the addition of, you can now use PUB to create a Multi-User Domain (MUD) game! Now PUB can serve as the basis for interactive fiction games, MUDs, or both -- using almost completely the same code.

Minor Core Update

July 22, 1996
The core files have been updated to fix a few minor bugs; also, the parser now inserts line breaks at the 80th column. To change this, use the special command @break n, where n is the number of columns to use, or 0 if you don't want line breaks.

Parser Revamped

May 11, 1996
The PUB parser has been almost completely rewritten. It now handles multi-word nouns (e.g., "bucket of fish parts") and verb modifiers (e.g., "turn on the lamp" or even "turn the lamp on"). And it still handles conjunction of verbs, something the Other Parsers can't do (e.g., "turn the lamp on and grin").

Game Archive Begun

May 11, 1996
The PUB game archive now has one entry. It's called "The Greedy Gargoyle", and it's a little 5-minute one-room text puzzle. We have to start somewhere...

PUB documents available as pub.tar.gz

May 8, 1996
You can now download a copy of the PUB sources and documentation tree -- in short, a nearly complete copy of this Web site -- as a gzipped tar file, pub.tar.gz.

Gadgets file added

I've started a file ( of gadgets like cameras, transceivers, buttons, elevators, and so on. It's still a bit rough at this point, like all of PUB, but I've uploaded it so that you all can look at it and offer comments or contribute as much as you like. (Besides, several of the gadgets are now used in pubdemo, so I didn't have much choice!)
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