Ebenezer Lord, 1773 - ?

Born 6 OCT 1773, in either Ipswich, Essex, MA; or in Lebanon, ME.

Died 1852(?), ?.

Son of FathersName and MothersName FamilyName.


  1. ? to Elizabeth Kimball in ?.


Miscellaneous Notes

There was a bit of confusion in the records here. I got some information from Bruce Lord (bwl@ma.ultranet.com) in July 1997, quoting from A History of the Descendents of Nathan Lord of Ancient Kittery, ME. According to this book, the Ebenezer Lord born 6 OCT 1773 was born in Lebanon, ME; married Elizabeth (Betsy) Pray; and his son Levi married Phebe Luce. But according to my family's records, my great-great-grandfather Ebenezer Lord was born in Ipswich; married Elizabeth Kimball (born 14 JAN 1778), and his son Levi married Vinnie Bean.

If the Lebanon Ebenezer is my ancestor, then it must be that Levi was married twice (since my grandmother certainly remembered her mother's name!). The other facts would have to be reconciled as well, especially: what was Levi's mother's maiden name -- Kimball, or Pray? Or did Ebenezer marry twice, and have two sons named Levi?

More likely, these aren't the same Ebenezer Lord at all. Consider the dates: I know for certain that Iris Lord was born in 1914; her parents Levi Lord and Vinnie Bean married in 1893. So Levi was probably born around 1870; even if Vinnie was a second wife married late in life, Levi would have been born around 1850. So Levi's father should have been born around 1820 at the earliest, not 1773. But the same could be said of Elizabeth Kimball, whose birth my family reports as 1778 (source unknown).

To confuse matters further: According to the marriage record for Levi & Vinnie Bean, Levi's father was Ephraime R. Lord of Farmington, and his mother was Emma Carter of Wilil (?), ME. This is hard documentation, and I must believe it. But it's still difficult to reconcile with my family's oral history.

It's a bit of a mess. I'm currently concentrating my efforts on Levi Lord to sort this out.

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