Ephraim Lord, 1845 - 1914

Born 11 DEC 1845, ?.

Died 31 MAY 1914, ? (buried in East Wilton Cemetery).


  1. ? to Emma Carter in ?.


  1. Levi Lord, born 22 JUL 1869
There were probably other children, identities unknown.

Miscellaneous Notes

Nancy Porter went to the East Wilton Cemetery, and found gravestones for "Ephraim R Lord 12-11-1845 5-31-1914" and "his wife Emma F 2-19-1849 12-14-1929". I believe these to be my Ephraim and Emma, i.e., Levi Lord's parents.

Nancy also found these: "Levi Lord d. 3-3-1890 @86y", "Eliza his wife d. 5-1-1870 @62y", and "Gershom M son of Levi & Eliza d. 1-10-1855". This Levi and Eliza may be Ephraim's parents, and Gershom his brother, judging from the timing, name similarities, and common burial ground. But I'm hoping to find some other evidence to support this connection.

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