Levi Ephraim Lord, 1869 - 1929

Born 22 JUL 1869, Farmington, ME.

Died 15 JUN 1929, ? (buried in East Wilton Cemetery).

Son of Ephraim and Emma Carter Lord.


  1. 30 JAN 1893 to Vinnie R. Bean in Farmington, ME. See the Marriage Record.
  2. ? to Ellen H. Allison (second wife? See cemetery notes below)


  1. Ivan Wesley Lord born 14 MAY 1894
  2. Iva Theo Lord born 6 MAR 1896
  3. Ida Emma Lord born 15 JAN 1898
  4. Ivory Henry Lord born 12 FEB 1900
  5. Iris Ellen Lord born 19 JUNE 1914

Miscellaneous Notes

Found marriage record in the Index to Maine Marriages 1892-1966, and got a copy from the Maine State Archives.

There had been some confusion here -- another researcher reported that Levi Lord lived 1805-1890, but that Levi Lord could not possibly be this one. For related confusion, see Ebenezer Lord.

Nancy Porter (njporter@tdstelme.net) sent me a bunch of information on the Lords in Jay, ME, from a book (no reference yet). It listed the first 4 children above, but did not mention Iris. However, the rest of the information corroborates well, so it's likely that Iris was overlooked because she was born so late.

Nancy Porter went to the East Wilton Cemetery for me and found gravestones for "Ephraim M Lord 1915 - 1986", "his wife Ethel G 1913 - 1988"; "Levi E Lord 7-22-1869 6-15-1929", "his wife Vinnie R Bean 3-2-1876 10-19-1918"; and "Ellen H Allison wife of Levi E Lord 12-14-1864 11-12-1948".

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