Basil Benedict Strout, 1907 - 1966

Born 15 SEP 1907, ?.

Died JUN 1966, ?.


  1. 16 NOV 1930 to Iris Ellen Lord in Wilton, ME.


  1. Louise (Strout) Jones
  2. Richard Arthur Strout
  3. Beverly (Strout) Wright
  4. Arlene (Strout) Peterson
  5. George Levi Strout, born 26 JUN 1945.

Miscellaneous Notes

The larger picture above shows Basil and Iris.

Death year of 1966 from obituary of Iris. Birth date and death month from the Social Security Death Index, which also gives Basil's SSN# as 004-09-5214 (issued in Maine before 1951).

Note that there were two other Basil Strouts in Maine living at about the same time; one lived 1898-1963, and the other 1908-1968. My belief that I've identified the right one is based soley on the death year, matched to Iris's obituary.

Also according to Iris's obituary, Basil wos from Poland, Maine.

A marriage record was found in the Index to Maine Marriages 1892-1966, listing the town of both bride and groom as Livermore, ME, and the date as 16 NOV 1930.

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