AVRBL Downloader

a tool to download software to RoboBuilder and similar devices

The most excellent RoboBuilder kits are an amazing system of smart servos, well-designed connectors, and open engineering that allow a robot enthusiast to build amazingly capable humanoid (or other) robots at a reasonable price. RoboBuilder's one drawback: its software runs on Windows only.

Because it is an open platform (based on the well-known Atmel ATmega128 chip), you can write your own code for it on any platform, using the open-source gcc toolchain. But uploading this code to the RoboBuilder controller, using their software, requires Windows.

This annoyed me, so I learned that the RoboBuilder Controller uses the "AVRBL" bootloader from Progressive Resources. That bootloader protocol is documented, so I created my own software tool to speak to it from platforms other than Windows.

screen shot

You can download a Mac (Universal) build here:

http://www.strout.net/files/AVRBL-Downloader.zip (2.9 MB)

Or, you can download the REALbasic source code (with which you could build a Linux version, for example) here:

http://www.strout.net/files/AVRBL-Downloader.rbp (196 kb)

AVRBL-Downloader is provided free for any purpose, but is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY.

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