BRIAN was "born" on August 31, 1997, shortly after I read transcripts from past years of the Loebner Prize.

For a few days he was written in Python, as basically an extended version of Therapist. However, since Python's GUI capabilities are weak at best, it was soon decided to rewrite BRIAN in C++ so that I can produce the proper user interface for the contest.

BRIAN is now 100% C++, relying heavily on my publicly available C++ classes (especially String and MatchWild). He runs under MacOS; the web demo runs on a PowerMac 8100 using the Quid Pro Quo server.

BRIAN was entered into the 1998 Loebner contest, and won third place (out of 6).

Yes, BRIAN is an acronym. It stands for "Biologically Realistic Intelligent Android -- Not!"

-- Joe Strout